I am trying to setup a Supplicant- authenticator and AAA server to perform EAPOL mechanism.

I am able to successfully completed the EAP authentication procedure but 4-way handshake was not initiated by Authenticator. I have 2 questions here.

  1. How does authenticator know that it needs to perform 4-way handshake after successful EAP authentication.
  2. How will Autheticator gets the PMK from RADIUS server. As the PMK/MSK is generated by both supplicant and RADIUS server separately.

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This Master Key is passed in the Access-Accept message itself. RADIUS decoder for wireshark says it as Vendor specific attribute so I was not able to identify it initially. Below RFC links explains in more detail about the Vendor specific attributes key passed during Access-Accept message.


===========================enter image description here==========================

Wireshark traces of Access Accept showing Key transfer to Authenticator.

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