Okay, I know this has been asked before (but it changes over time)... and I know there perhaps are no good answers... but here goes...

I want to create a new key-set for myself using gnupg2, but I wonder what kind of key I should use. For the main key, my choices seems to be:

  • RSA and RSA (default)
  • DSA and Elgamal
  • DSA (sign only)
  • RSA (sign only)

While for sub-keys the choices are:

  • DSA (sign only)
  • RSA (sign only)
  • Elgemal (encrypt only)
  • RSA (encrypt only)

So DSA for signing only... Elgemal for encrypting only... and RSA can be used for both signing and encrypting.

I will probably use as long key as possible - guess that's 4096...

So what would be the best key-type? Or best for signing, best for encrypting, best as main-key, best as sub-key...?

Finally, which hashes should I go for? SHA512... AES256... ??

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    The defaults are perfectly fine. – forest Nov 10 '18 at 4:23

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