I am trying to clone a login page with SEToolkit in the latest version of Kali Linux. SEToolkit simply isn't working. I have tried running it with normal user privileges and sudo. I have placed in all the following options

(1) Social-Engineering Attacks

(2) Website Attack Vectors

(3) Credential Harvester Attack Method

(2) Site Cloner

I placed in all of the necessary information afterward. This is the only message I receive

[] You may need to copy /var/www/ into /var/www/html depending on where your directory structure is.

Press {return} if you understand what we're saying here.

[*] The Social-Engineer Toolkit Credential Harvester Attack

[*] Credential Harvester is running on port 80

[*] Information will be displayed to you as it arrives below:

It just hangs after that. I am expecting tons of information to fly across the terminal screen, but nothing happens. I checked the /www/var/ directory as well as the HTML directory and nothing is populating.

This is a very straightforward tool and I have had no problems with it in the past. I do in fact have internet and I can, in fact, access the login page of the site I am attempting to clone. I attempted to clone multiple sites with the same results. I don't know what other criteria is necessary for this process to work as expected. How can I further diagnose this issue? What else can I check?


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I had to stop apache2 using service apache2 stop. SEToolkit does NOT use Apache. It uses its own HTTP daemon. I had to Google how to turn apache ON in the config file.


I had a similar problem, and found this thread while searching for a solution which I now wanted to share:

In my case, another service was already using port 80 (which SET seems to need). So the solution was to first find out which process was running on that port:

sudo netstat -tulpn | grep :80

(The sudo is needed in case it is a root process, without it not all information would be displayed).

Then the process can be killed:

kill [PID] 

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