I have a setup in docker where I have LetsEncrypt ACME Boulder + CertBot + DNSMASQ as a DNS Server. Additionally I have a client and a service where the service is served over https only.

I had first self signed a certificate and installed the same in both client and server. On making https calls, the system failed with the message that self signed certificates not allowed.

If i used curl --insecure flag, it works.

Next I setup a Lets Encrypt Boulder + CertBot + DNSMASQ to get a signed certificate from the same. When the certificates were used, the original error went away and a new error shows up:

TLS handshake error from : remote error: tls: unknown certificate authority

From what I understand, I need to add the CA Certificates or somehow introduce the same as a trusted CA.

My questions:

  • From where can I get the CA certificate of CertBot/Boulder to install the same in the client as well as server.
  • Where all do I need to place the certificate, considering that I have Scratch or Alpine based Docker Images. This means the update-ca-certificates may or may not be available thus I cannot rely on the same. But am willing to know if it can solve my issue...
  • Is there anything that I could be doing wrong..??

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