Until now I have only tested WPA hashes, and they have been extracted from a airodump-ng's capture file using tshark or aircrack-ng (-J option). I wanna go one step beyond, and in an effort to undestand and learning a bit of the inners of hash file extraction, I wanna strip (if possible) a real hash from a .cap WireShark's capture file. I have captured those types of authentication:

  • VNC (RealVNC).
  • SSH2 (OpenSSH).
  • SMB (connection to SAMBA server).

so I would like to know the way of obtaining a single hash from any of those .cap files. Is there any automation for this task? Or can I copy&paste directly any data from some of the captured package/s?

I have tested EtterCap, TShark and Cain&Abel with no results. None of them seems to give a valid hash string.

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