I Have a dell latitude 3480 and i was wondering if i sell the laptop would i still somehow be able to track the computer from BIOS.

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    Just a comment that is this tracking is undisclosed it could have legal and ethical ramifications. – Daisetsu Jan 2 at 17:35
  • All root/boot/biot-root kits I've ever seen by themselves were nothing more than a loader to sit outside the OS as to avoid OS-level detection mechanisms. In order to beacon like you desire, you'd need the broot kit with an OS-level component to beacon out an ethernet packet to a pre-determined destination. I suppose it's possible to incorporate all of that into the brook kit but you'd have a lot more problems trying to do it completely outside of the OS -- routable IP address from the host, normally native libraries you'd have to include in your ever-growing-in-size malware, etc. – thepip3r Jan 2 at 20:23

A simple google search tells me Netrace product computrace has a theft recovery and tracking tool that is embeded into BIOS


Every Dell laptop (and desktop) have a unique "service tag" associated with it and owner of the machine is part of the record in Dell database...

Nevertheless, it may be quite hard, as a "end user", to exploit this service tag to track the laptop on the wild. A better solution would probably be to backdoor the operating system (and lock the BIOS to avoid any reinstallation of it).

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