I have a local IIS 10 Server, this server runs a critical application.

I want to deny access for this server from IP local network and allow only 2 or 3 IP-addresses. Additionally I want to log any attempt to access this server.

How do I can do this ? It is a way to add a .conf file like apache for example? Or use a firewall?


In IIS Manager, (if the sub-feature has been installed) there is a node for IP Address and Domain Restrictions which will allow you to determine which IP addresses you want to allow and/or deny either for a specific website or for all websites on the server.

If you don't see this node, it is because the sub-feature has not been installed. In that case, from the Server Manager Dashboard window choose Add Roles and Features and navigate to the Server Roles node, and then to the Web Server role. Under the Web Server role node there is a Security sub-node, and from there, check the box for the IP and Domain Restrictions item and save. You should now be able to create IP allow and deny rules in IIS Manager for your website or the server.

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