I created a secondary Facebook account months ago from Argentina. Now I logged back in, and noticed countless logins from RUSSIA and the account is clearly being used by some Russian dude.

I logged out from all devices, and changed the password, so far so good.

But now I cannot login anymore from any device now because I'm asked to either:

  1. Login from a list of RUSSIAN devices I never used
  2. Ask my fake RUSSIAN friends for help (I never added any friend)
  3. Identify photos of fake RUSSIAN friends I never added.

enter image description here

This occurs even after resetting the password via Email (I do have access to the Email account), but Facebook prioritizes the fact that someone has been using the account from Russia over the ownership of the Email account itself. Yes this is actually happening, it's not a joke.

Could Mark Z. be more idiotic than this? They managed to use my compromised password to login from Russia and start adding friends, they happily deleted my verification phone number, and now I cannot even login or delete the account after resetting my password successfully?

Note the Russian hacker never changed the password nor the email. It just deleted my phone number and it has been using the account almost everyday, logging in from supposedly "Samsung" and "Windows PC" devices from a supposed city identified as Perm, Russia. Is there some way to make Facebook aware about this idiocy? I know the account is probably lost forever now, but at least I'd like to delete it permanently.

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The answer to the question, is there some way to report the issue, is yes! You can report the incident here:


  • I'm still asked to "Confirm my identity" after that with the same process mentioned earlier.
    – andreszs
    Jan 15, 2019 at 12:22

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