In an office setting, where it is an open space design, should I ensure that the laptop has 'Do not display network selection UI', enabled? Why or why not


This generally depends on how many networks will be available in that open space design, and if they're open to anyone or protected.

As you mentioned that it is a laptop, is it going to be taken outside of the office? If so, it might make it difficult to log back into unless you're using cached credentials (if it's connected to a DC).

I would recommend user education over locking everything down - advise users that unless they're using a VPN, then any traffic going over a network that isn't yours specifically is open to being intercepted.

In short: I wouldn't, but it entirely depends on if these laptops are being taken out of the office, and if there are non-work networks that are open and available, and if education for security isn't being done in your workplace.

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