I was searching in many forums regarding this issue like here and here, but they were mentioning using port 9390. I launched OpenVAS on port 9390, but I still get the same error.

I am using openVAS in msfconsole on Kali Linux. I load openVAS successfully, but when I try to connect, it shows me this error.

  openvas_connect root toor 9390
    [*] Connecting to OpenVAS instance at with username root...
    [-] Error while running command openvas_connect: uninitialized constant OpenVASOMP::OMPConnectionError

    Call stack:
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/plugins/openvas.rb:195:in `rescue in cmd_openvas_connect'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/plugins/openvas.rb:189:in `cmd_openvas_connect'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rb:501:in `run_command'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rb:453:in `block in run_single'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rb:447:in `each'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/dispatcher_shell.rb:447:in `run_single'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/rex/ui/text/shell.rb:151:in `run'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/metasploit/framework/command/console.rb:48:in `start'
    /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/metasploit/framework/command/base.rb:82:in `start'
    /usr/bin/msfconsole:49:in `<main>'
  • What port did you start OpenVAS on?
    – schroeder
    Commented Jan 17, 2019 at 16:38
  • @schroeder I started on port 9390. I have already changing it to different ports like 9392. Commented Jan 18, 2019 at 13:45
  • 1
    Questions about internal errors of programs are things to ask the vendor/developer.
    – schroeder
    Commented Mar 7, 2019 at 14:07

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So the answer for this is to reinstall the whole configuration and start over again due to missing dependencies:

root@kali:~# apt-get --purge autoremove openvas
root@kali:~# apt-get update
root@kali:~# apt-get dist-upgrade

root@kali:~# apt-get install openvas
root@kali:~# openvas-setup

Once openvas-setup completes its installation process, make sure that OpenVAS manager, scanner, and redis-server services should be running.

root@kali:~# /etc/init.d/openvas-manager status 
root@kali:~# /etc/init.d/openvas-scanner status 
root@kali:~# /etc/init.d/redis-server status 

Then you can simply start all the necessary services by running openvas-start. Then run your browser to, and accept the self signed SSL certificate and plugin the credentials for the admin user

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