Occasionally, Windows Defender sends me a notification that my device was scanned. This occurrence is quite ordinary and boring, but I actually devoted two seconds to reading the entire message once, and it says it scanned my device x times. For example, the most recent notification told me my device was scanned four times. Why is one scan not sufficient?

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    My guess would be that it didn't scan your device 4 times in a row, but that it scanned 4 times since you last checked it. – Andrew Greer Jan 19 at 13:21

On this Microsoft help page there is an explanation how to schedule tasks. Windows Defender should not scan more often than it is scheduled to scan.

It reads:

  1. Search for and open Schedule tasks.
  2. In the left pane, expand Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows, and then scroll down and select the Windows Defender folder.
  3. In the top center pane, double-click Windows Defender Scheduled Scan.
  4. In the Windows Defender Scheduled Scan Properties (Local Computer) window, select the Triggers tab, go to the bottom of the window, and then select New.
  5. Specify how often you want scans to run and when you’d like them to start.

You should also be able to check how often Windows Defender is scheduled to run now.

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