I wiped my 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD and I just used veracrypt to perform full disk encryption with it. I have another HDD drive as well that I've done this with.

The HDD is sdb, and the EVO is sdc. The results look like the following.

enter image description here

For some reason there are 2 created partitions for the Samsung SSD. When I want to mount sdb I use the command sudo veracrypt --mount /dev/sdb1, but when I want to mount sdc, I omit the drive letter and use the command sudo veracrypt --mount /dev/sdc, and the drive is mounted successfully. The df command even recognizes the veracrypt mount as having its full 1Tb of space.

So why am I seeing 2 very large partitions created for this device?

  • Don't have the rep to comment yet. - Is it too much to blow away both new partitions and start again, or perhaps you have already? - Is it possible that you created a hidden veracrypt partition? I know that checkbox is an option when creating via the GUI, but not sure if it's a default option. - If you created via CLI, can you post the command you used to create the partition(s) in question. history | grep vera – primohacker Jan 20 at 2:04

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