Background: Recently we've joined one of the biggest data-driven company. Till now we do not have any mobile developer/architect within company. Now business wants to develop mobile applications for executives to provide real-time data and insights.

We have planned to implement MDM solutions using AirWatch. This app will be available only on company provided Android mobile devices and will be available inside KNOX container. To authenticate executives we'll authenticate via Personal Certificate which is installed on device.

As a mobile application developers (team of three), we have been asked to provide an report on how to ensure the data is secured and not being exposed to outer world.


  1. While developing a mobile application for enterprise what are the security options available?
  2. Companies such as Google/Apple will be surely having some enterprise mobile applications for their executives and business leaders. If anyone can give some insights/references on how enterprise mobile applications are developed by tech industry giants, it'd be helpful.
  3. What is the best user authentication mechanism that can be used for enterprise mobile application? (Using passwords are not recommended.)

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