There are various methods to find attack patterns for different types of attacks. Apache-scalp is one such tool, but the rule set is not available to find the brute-force attack pattern via regular expression. I would love to know the different regular expressions available for detecting brute-force attacks from Apache log file.

  • What kind of brute-force attack are you talking about? Do you mean attacks against your web application? – Vilius Povilaika Jan 29 at 13:24
  • Your question is a bit vague. I don't think regexp are what you need, but with so few informations to work with... could you elaborate please ? Why do you need regexp only ? Don't you have a software to handle your logs and agregate them ? – Kaël Jan 29 at 13:52
  • finding bruteforce patterns from apache log is rather vague?what kind of bruteforce are you talking about?login credentials,directory bruteforce or common fuzzing? – Vipul Nair Jan 29 at 14:01
  • @ViliusPovilaika Yes, attacks against web application so that the log of that attack is stored in access.log file. I want to find out through log file that the brute force attack is tried in my web application. – Uday Jan 30 at 1:18
  • @Kaël I am trying to test the apache log file so that the brute force attack is being tried. Yes, there are other methods too for testing brute force attack from log, though I wanna know it via regexp also. – Uday Jan 30 at 1:21

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