Are there any alternatives to SASL? Is there another standard authentication framework that abstracts the authentication mechanism from the protocol in the way that SASL does?

To be more specific about my interest in this: I am looking for a standard that will enable me to implement an easily extensible authentication layer to an application. I like that a SASL-enabled application says "these are my supported mechanisms; pick one." Is there some alternative out there that defines a set of authentication mechanisms and a protocol for presenting their availability to users?

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    "... in the way that SASL does..." - it is not really clear what you mean by this, i.e. what exactly is the way. It might get more clear if you would actually explain why you are looking for alternatives in the first place and what these alternatives should offer compared to SASL (like simpler interface, support for a specific platform ....). Or maybe you don't even need anything like SASL at all to solve your unknown problem. See also XY problem. – Steffen Ullrich Jan 29 at 14:47

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