I'm verry new to jack the ripper and I'm wondering how to use special rules for cracking a txt file. The password of my txt file is 123 and with the single crack mode it takes a lot of time to crack this simple password. I searched for


in the


file and replaced the maximal length with 3 (in [Incremental:Digits]). When I safe the file and try to crack the password again, it still doesn't peforme much faster. Can somebody explain me, how to crack such simle passwords in a reasonable time? I crack the password by typing

 sudo john --incremental:Digits example.txt

in the bash. Also I operate on Linux Ubuntu. Thanks for your help.

  • It looks like you are very new to the name too. It is called "John the ripper" and not "Jack the ripper". We do not provide manual for the tool. Please read the documentation and web search to help yourself. – tech_enthusiast Jan 30 at 1:30

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