I need help in identifying the following string in order to decode it to a piece of meaningful information.


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    Please provide some context. This could be anything – koapsi Jan 30 at 13:02
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    maybe a URL? https:/ – Vipul Nair Jan 30 at 13:32
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    If this is a CTF, then it will be simple, or there will be clues. It seems obviously to be a URL. https//: .... – schroeder Jan 30 at 14:10
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    It looks like every other character of a URL. Filling in a few obvious gaps: https://g_s_.skylab.com/4_9_a_k_6_f_8_4_8_e_e_r_9_3_9_f_. If, as schroeder asks, this is a CTF, there's presumably the other half somewhere else... (skylab guessed because Google shows some connection between that name and CTFs). – TripeHound Jan 30 at 16:34