I am looking to do data recovery on disk drives and memory cards. For this I want a device or type of software which allows me to pull out the following data:

  • Allocated space
  • Unallocated space
  • Slack space
  • Bad blocks

I also need a software which aids in identifying types of content discovered in fully or partially discovered data.

I would like to have as much freedom when reading the disk drives as possible, such as retrying bad block reading or forcing certain operations on the disk. I am unsure if this requires a separate disk controller to be plugged onto the drives?

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Quick and dirty data recovery for Linux often involves

  • dd for disk imaging.
  • ddrescue if you find you have to deal with bad sectors. May not be optimized for flash memory (i.e. sd card/usb stick etc) though.
  • photorec for scanning raw disk images for various data formats (maybe copy the image and zero out the known files, so you only find deleted ones?).
  • testdisk looks for entire deleted partitions (same source as photorec)

"file" is occasionally useful, if you think you have a valid file but aren't sure what type of application to try reading it with. Much of the time I'm using it for some other purpose - though I guess my frequent file -s /dev/sda1 counts if you stretch it a bit.

There are definitely more specific, professional solutions though. I believe some software contains hashes of many known files. That would be useful for "needle in a haystack" problems - someone could have hidden files on a computer under the Windows directory, for example.

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