I am performing the exploit,unix/webapp/wp_admin_shell_upload on wordshell website.

Here is the screenshot of the exploit options.

enter image description here

I managed to run the exploit. However when I want to download passwd file from the remote machine using meterpreter.

The result return blank.

Download result

Even I tried to view the passwd file from my Kali Linux, the passwd file is not there.May I know what is the cause of the problem. Other commands works such as getuid.

It shows me the result.


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    maybe the user u are logged in as doesn't have the privileges to see those files, try getsystem command for privilege escalation – Bokis Feb 10 at 13:17
  • The getsystem command shows result unknown command – Abdullah Naina Feb 10 at 13:19
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    try to load the priv extension. "use priv" is the command to load it.After that try the "getsystem" command again – Bokis Feb 10 at 13:21
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    instead of downloading, can you show the contents of the file? – schroeder Feb 10 at 13:40
  • Yes, try cat /etc/passwd instead. – multithr3at3d Feb 10 at 21:40

I suppose you don't have the privileges to view the file. Execute

cd /etc

in meterpreter. It will show you a column with r, w, and x es. This is the privilege column. You need to see three r letters next to the passwd file, then the file is world readable - /etc/passwd usually is.

By the way, getsystem only works on windows. You can try local_exploit_suggester module on linux, but privilege escalation is generally more difficult on linux. There are also a lot of privesc python and perl scripts on the web, try them, for example pentestmonkey's linuxprivesc.py

You can also try meterpreter shell command, and check for sudo and su.

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