Premise: I have found an old encyclopedia bought in 1992, consisting of 1 boot floppy, 1 Program floppy and other 100 floppies containing the database and the encyclopaedia photos. The disk with the Program is broken and doesn't work anymore. The database is in .DBF and .DBT files with a content whose entries looks encrypted. The company went bankrupt before 2000 and no longer exists, the copyright is expired, but I have no way to retrieve its content. I would like to recover it for its emotional bond and for educational purpose, since in the internet there are a lot of free and better encyclopedias! I hope I have made the idea.

So, I have the all the floppies with encrypted voices like the following: %1C>#g,!3="23)$7q##+$)r%03"+(:)ry%11"iah'"&2(h)r%01&":%=]\GRHSQGFGHHRQGFGHH%16%13%01FùH*%19QGFGhI0

The corresponding text is in Italian alphabet. I have a found a printed page with decoded text of one of the definition, so I have the encrypted and plain text of one entry. Taking into account the year, and the power of 92' PC, it should not be a complex encryption method.

After this premise, I would like to know if it is possible to: - identify if the strings are encrypted or they are masked with any simple method; - find the encryption algorithm and eventually the key with some brute force.

How would it be necessary to proceed to locate the algorithm and try to recover the data.

I can attach the full text plain text and its "encrypted" content. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer. Sorry if if I didn't make myself clear or I am off-topic.

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  • I have also the decrypted text... but I don't know what type of encryption and also how to retreive the encryption key to let me able to decrypt other text with same encryption. – Tommaso Taglieri Feb 10 at 20:36
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  • This question is not about any specific tool, since you don't know what tool was used, and it may not even have an answer. It will also be only helpful to you and not anyone else, since someone googling "help decrypt this" will never find this page. This type of question is probably a better fit for another type of website. – Luc Feb 10 at 21:39
  • The decryption failed and failed decryption is basically random bytes. Attempting to display non-ASCII and /or non text as text fails because many or most of bytes have no displayable glyph. There is no answer. – zaph Feb 11 at 2:04
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