I am new to security testing. I really don't have any idea about security testing ...my senior says you can start security testing without any tool... Here I need clarification, that is it possible to start security testing without any tool? I have to perform the security testing on Web Application using the browser only.

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  • Yes, you certainly can, just as you can cut a log without a saw. This question is far too broad as you do not explain what kind of testing you want to do. There are numerous tutorials online for many different kinds of testing that you can do without tools as you should know how to test without a tool so that you understand what the tools are doing. – schroeder Feb 11 at 10:06
  • Yes.. you are right. I really don't have any idea about what kind of testing I can perform.... It's a web-based application & we have one plugin with sync data to the server. – Nitin Rastogi Feb 11 at 10:13
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    Tools or manual testing require an outcome. Unless you know what outcome you are looking for, then you will be stuck wondering what to do, and no one else can help you. It sounds like you need to start reading some books on the basics of testing. If you do not know where you are going, it doesn't matter if you have a car or really good shoes. – schroeder Feb 11 at 10:21