I am trying to access a third party website. For one of the requests, the browser displays some source code instead of rendering the response. Does this come under security issue? The source code has a for loop and business logic inside the loop.

  • If Javascript is displayed as code in the browser (instead of executed in the browser) this is likely a misconfiguration and not a security issue. But there are too few details in your question (and no way to reproduce what you see) to know for sure. – Steffen Ullrich Feb 23 at 7:19
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    This also depends if it's actually JavaScript you see, and we don't know whether you are able to distinguish between programming languages. Displaying JavaScript instead of interpreting it as a JavaScript is not a security issue, but if the web server sends you server side source code like PHP, this might become a high risk security issue. Not to you, though, but for the site itself. – Esa Jokinen Feb 23 at 7:52
  • What I am getting is a for loop and json response with some fields (doesn't seem to be secure fields). Looks like json response is not interpreted correctly. – user2455158 Feb 23 at 11:51

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