I am implementing a C++ server with a mariadb backend. I have to access my database and I do so using the mariadbpp (its c++ connector). Though I can use mysql_config_editor and store the passwords in an (encrypted) .cnf file, mariadbpp's API needs a password. This is how I am using it:

mariadb::account_ref acc = mariadb::account::create("localhost", "order", "<password>", "Orders");

The database is configured to only be accessible from localhost. Is putting the password in .cpp source file okay from security perspective?

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  • Note that storing the password in a const std::string at runtime is independent of hardcoding it in the program's source code. It's only the latter that's a bad idea. – Joseph Sible Feb 23 at 15:01
  • I am not sure I understand what you said @JosephSible . Do you mean storing the password in const std::string from a file, (at run time) is the same as hardcoding it. Just the latter is a really bad idea coz the hacker can analyze the binary and figure that out? – Hemil Feb 24 at 5:54

Hardcoding of secrets is never a good idea.

Use a configuration file, to read from. This way you will be able to swiftly change the password if required and prevent the password from leaking through version control or binary analysis.

  • Do you have any idea how to do that in Mariadbpp? – Hemil Feb 23 at 10:44
  • I'm not familiar with mariadbpp, and cannot tell whether it offers built-in functionality for this, but your C++ binary could easily parse a configuration file, store the password from there in a variable and later use the variable to connect to the database. – Euphrasius von der Hummelwiese Feb 23 at 10:58
  • Ya. Thats a good idea. How could I forget that – Hemil Feb 23 at 11:00

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