I installed Bitdefender today and suddenly I couln't navigate to numerous websites that I used to visit (I use Mozilla Firefox). I got the error: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER.

I searched a bit and found this solution which suggested to import a fake certificate located in Bitdefender's installation folder to Firefox.

What impact will this fake certificate have on my PC's security?

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    I woudn't suggest to install a fake SSL Certificate. This fault also often comes when you use a proxy or such things which want to intercept your SSL trafic to prevent you from downloading malware or do other bad things. Are you behind a proxy? Is this happening on different networks? Try using your phone connection for testing. Are you sure that the problem is Bitdefender? – CD Rohling Feb 25 at 17:57
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    @CDRohling The problem is definitely bitdefender. I am not behind a proxy and I use the same computer for years ( I used to have Avast antivirus) and started happening as soon as I installed Bitdefender – papakias Feb 25 at 18:09
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    Are you able to select: "Do not scan encrypted connections" in bitdefender? -> makeuseof.com/tag/common-bitdefender-issues. If this will work the Problem will solve without installing a fake certificate on your pc and the endpoint protection makes the rest – CD Rohling Feb 25 at 18:15
  • @CDRohling I suppose that this would be available in the paid version? Because the free version that I am using doesn't let you do this.. – papakias Feb 25 at 18:23

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