Does GHIDRA have a debugger attached for dynamic analysis of application?

  • It will. One day in the future. It did not ship with one. – atdre Mar 7 at 16:33

Edit: As the question is a little unclear there might be a misunderstanding. From my point of view there are 2 possible answers:

  1. GHIDRA does not offer a debugger for other binaries currently. (It is a planned feature)

  2. GHIDRA has a debug mode to debug GHIDRA itself. This debugger is even accessible from the network, as the exposed port is not only locally bound.

Hacker Fantastic on Twitter:

Ghidra opens up JDWP in debug mode listening on port 18001, you can use it to execute code remotely 🤦‍♂️.. to fix change line 150 of support/launch.sh from * to https://static.hacker.house/releasez/expl0itz/jdwp-exploit.txt

  • I think the questioner meant a debugger for targeting AUTs – atdre Mar 7 at 16:32
  • This is not the kind of debugger the question is referring to. The debugger in your answer is to debug Ghidra itself. The question wants to execute and instrument a target application. – David Mar 7 at 21:28
  • Thanks for your feedback. I might have gotten the question wrong and updated my response. – Euphrasius von der Hummelwiese Mar 8 at 6:21

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