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Hello I opened this email sent to my school email and I realized it was a phising email.

And now my OCD and anxiety are going haywire. Is it possible I got infected? I did not click on any links. I just opened it.

I tried to change my password but the school system wont let me and their offices are closed. I opened it on my galaxy 9 . Is the phone infected? Will I be safe in connecting it to the school wifi that is connected to the email ? Should I change all my passwords on the apps on my phone??

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    you said you didnt click any links.so i am assuming you didnt give any credentials or downloaded anything.So no you cannot be infected just by opening an email.
    – yeah_well
    Commented Mar 14, 2019 at 8:31

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You weren't the only one who noticed this message had malicious content: Office 365 noticed it, too:

To help protect your privacy, some content in this message has been blocked. To re-enable the blocked features, click here.

To always show content from this sender, click here.

Unless you enabled the harmful content or clicked any links on the email, you should be safe. If you clicked something, then it depends: this question doesn't have enough information to say anything about the harmful content itself. However, you should not try and get this information by clicking anything.


Your phone is not infected

Unlike with PCs, it is almost impossible to get malware silently running on a (non-rooted) phone by simply opening an email. You can't run software without installing it and you can't do that without showing a full-screen notification asking you to confirm (unless the installing app resides within the '/sys/priv-app' folder, the only relevant one of which is Google Play).

You say you haven't done anything other than open the email, so unless you've highly annoyed a world government of some description, you haven't attracted the attention of anyone able to perform this kind of attack against your phone.

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