I'm trying to get bettercap 2.x working for an sslstrip proof of concept demonstration. I'm running it against a site that I know doesn't properly implement HSTS, found from several blogs. The site is 'webs.com'. I know the attack is possible, because when I use my Wifi Pineapple Nano and connect a client, and browse to webs.com, it does the sslstrip attack and the user gets a browser warning. When you click through, the attack works and it shows untrusted certificate and http traffic. Now with bettercap 2.x, same site of webs.com, but sslstrip doesn't seem to work and the site is still https://.

Here is how I'm running bettercap 2.x:

» set http.proxy.sslstrip true
» set http.proxy.sslstrip true
» set net.sniff.verbose false
» set arp.spoof.targets
» arp.spoof on
» http.proxy on
» net.sniff on

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