I would like to understand the advantages and disadvantages of load balancing outbound connections for anonymity.

Scenario 1: My router (ip A) > VPN router (ip B) > VPN router (ip C) > web host

Scenario 2: My router (ip A) > 3 load balanced VPN client connections ( ips B C D ) > 3 seperate connections exiting VPN routers (ips E F G) > web host

Furthering my curiosity sorry, What if scenario 2 to was 3 connections to the same VPN server, but the outgoing VPN or source IPs to web host were different obviously.

One issue I identified was in scenario 2 you have a bigger connection fingerprint/ pattern, which is an issue when visiting obscure sites vs very popular sites.

This is asuming the user is ok with latency and authentication or SSL issues etc

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