Specifcally, when configuring nginx to validate proxy target SSL certificates (which it mystifyingly does not do by default), a maximum cert chain depth must be specified in the proxy_ssl_verify_depth option. If I am writing a configuration to be used in environments in which I do not control how deep the cert chain may be, is there a reason for this to have any particular limit, or should it just be a high number? I haven't encountered any other TLS client that even exposes this as configurable, let alone has the default value of 1 (no intermediate CAs) that nginx does. So I'm thinking it should just be a high number to avoid running into it unnecessarily, but not sure if I'm missing something.


I think this is DoS prevention: building the chain might be an exponential algorithm with backoff, so with the openssl default of 100 a malicious backend might cause denial of service in nginx. I would use 10. In practice, 4 should be enough.

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