I understand that the Brave browser does not allow for 3rd party cookies to be set so that a user will not be tracked by a 3rd party site.

However if I were to log into a site like Facebook and navigate to a site that is using a Facebook pixel, my understanding is that the following will occur:

  1. After logging into Facebook, a Facebook cookie is set in the browser.
  2. I navigate to a site (abc.com) that is using a Facebook pixel.
  3. abc.com makes a HTTP request to Facebook to retrieve the pixel. The cookie set by Facebook in step 1 is also sent in this request, perhaps along with some other information as well (via a query parameter?).
  4. Facebook will now have knowledge of the fact that I have visited abc.com and can link this information to my Facebook profile.

If my understanding of the above steps are correct, does Brave have a method to protect against this?

Thank you!

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