The number of request strings like this one seems to have increased over the last weeks. They all have in common, that they contain a combination of google adwords / google adsense parameters and sql injection.

The decoded value of the request string is

/?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclsrc=aw.ds& and 1>1

I can see

  • a duplicate gclsrc parameter
  • an sql injection attempt

... but why this combination? Is it a technique to grab adsense revenues while sqli probing?

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    The first part is called HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP) and the second part a SQL injection in order to generate one or more errors. HPP can be used to bypass web application firewalls (which in this scenario is not the case) – Jeroen - IT Nerdbox Apr 9 at 22:41

This could be an initial control test for blind aw injection also Typically those start with a true/false test

So perhaps they are testing 1>1

Which is always false

Then they will also test 1=1

Which is always true

And look for a difference in the response


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