How can I perform DNS rebinding using evil twin at the local level?

I want to perform a DNS-Rebinding-Attack using an evil twin on local level.

The curl command to login into the router

 curl "" --data "frashnum=&action=login&Frm_Logintoken=25&Username=admin&Password=admin"

the curl command to get the page that contains the wifi password

curl -v -X GET "^&nextpage=net_t.gch" -o 565.html

This how I was planning to perform the attack: evil twining a wifi using fluxion or whatever. When the user opens the captive portal sign in network page (that has DNS rebinding scripts in it) is detected we stop the DDoS. The user auto connects to his wifi then the page refreshes and executes the DNS rebinding attack to get the wifi password from his router.

But now I don't know how will get the HTML file back if want to use it in local level only

I don't know how to perform the attack without using curl

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