I am trying to figure out how to write a plugin in ettercap which modifies the payload of a packet. I have a vm with a simply python socket server and a simply python client on the ettercap machine. Once a second it just sends a random letter to the server. The server echos it back. Basically in dummy_init I added one line of code

 hook_add(HOOK_HANDLED, &processpacket);

then the function is

static void processpacket(struct packet_object *po)
 if(po->DATA.data[0] == 71)
    USER_MSG("Changing from G to L");
    po->DATA.data[0] = 77;

Basically this has no effect. I have also tried setting all the different flags so that it knows its modified with no effect. I have also tried running it in bridge mode with two separate vms but I can't get the bridge mode to work.Even when I have

 if (po->flags & PO_FROMIFACE)
       USER_MSG("From Interface\n");
    else if (po->flags & PO_FROMBRIDGE)
       USER_MSG("From Bridge\n");

The send functions literally seem to do nothing in bridge mode or normal mode). I have the latest from github compiled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It appears that sslstrip plugin only uses ettercap for one end, then just creates a separate ssl session independently and manages it through another thread? Is that correct , does ettercap not have the ability to intercept and modify packets? There are send functions in sslstrip but I can't figure out why they don't do anything in my plugin. Thank you!

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