I found an open port on a "Kartina Quattro" (https://www.kartina.tv/article/247-kartina-quattro). It's a device for watching russian TV channels.

The port number is 31337 and the Service is called Elite.

After some research I found out that this port and servicename are often used by hackers.

I asked the support of the vendor and they only said that the ports 27000-32000 are used for the streaming of the channels. But at the time I scanned the ports, the device was in stand-by mode.

How can I figure out if it was really hacked or it's a legit service running on it?

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    How did you discover the port? How many scans have you run? Can you capture packets from the device? – schroeder Apr 22 at 14:24
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    What access do you have to the device to run diagnostics? – schroeder Apr 22 at 14:24
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    Note: 31337 looks like the letters ELEET, which sounds like "elite". Several variations of LEET-speak exist. – schroeder Apr 22 at 14:25
  • I used "Fing" (Network Scan App) and also nmap. I have physical access but I dont know If its possible to get a shell on that thing. – SunnySide Apr 22 at 14:28

Unless you can get on the device to see what is running on that port, you will have to capture packets from the device and make a lot of guesses about how it runs.

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