I am curious to know about the wifi attacks. And I have known a little bit about brute force attack and dictionary attack. Is there any other methods available other than these two...?

  • What Wi-Fi protocol are you talking about? There are several fatal attacks against WEP, and there is also a very damaging attack against WPA (and WPA2 with TKIP), both exploiting their use of RC4, which don't exist for WPA2 with CCMP.
    – forest
    Apr 30, 2019 at 6:06

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To attack a black-box (i.e. you don't have access to the hashes), then you will be mostly limited Brute-Force and Dictionary Attacks. If you manage to get the hashes in question, then you can also perform a Rainbow Table Attack.

There is also an entire group of attacks known as Side Channel Attacks. However these are often very specific to an implementation, rather than a general attack.

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