I am trying to do ROP using gadget chaining technique on a 64-bit machine.

This is the source code:

int main(){
    char * str = "Hello World!";
    char buf[4];


The code is compiled with -fno-stack-protector -no-pie and ASLR is turned off on the system as well.

Here is the disassembly of the binary: enter image description here

I want to print a string of my choice using gadget chaining. I plan to do this using puts and I found the relevant gadgets for the same. enter image description here

puts needs an address which is pointing to a string terminated with NULL. So I put my string on the buffer followed by a NULL and then overwrite the RET address with pop rdi;ret which is then followed by the value I want to put into RDI register. From the code, I found the address of the buffer and gave that address as input. So, now rdi contains the address to buffer. But when I call puts I am not getting any output.

Below are the value of registers before puts is called(using gadget). enter image description here

x/s address of buffer gives me the string I passed in as input

On changing the address of rdi from the buffer to the string within the code I am able to see HelloWorld getting printed twice.

Here is the payload: enter image description here

Here is the output: enter image description here

What goes wrong when the address is pointing to the stack? Is it not possible to print something that is already on the stack?

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