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A friend of mine asked me to upgrade his Wordpress instance to PHP 7.2. When I wanted to login on wp-admin to verify his plugins, I got redirected to http://leftoutsidemyprofile.info/up.js

I then noticed that this URL has also been inserted into the HTML and CSS files of the instance.

I haven't found anything on google except for other Wordpress instances which contain that link. archive.org knows this URL since the end of April.
I tried to de-obfuscate the contents of this Javascript file (https://pastebin.com/WBpXpvvb) but I can't really make sense of it.

What's also strange: I tried to send that URL to my friend via Facebook Messenger to ask him if he knew anything about it and the message got blocked.

Is this a new hack?

Update: I also found the domain hellofromhony, and this is available in Google.

With this new domain that I found throughout the investigation (hellofromhony) I was able to gather some information about the attack:

Basically, an attacker could get WP admin rights and change the siteurl and home url, redirecting all requests for images, js and css files to the attackers servers.

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  • So, what's your question? This is obviously a hack. What do you want to know? – schroeder May 3 at 10:48
  • Obviously how to remove it. Usually, I am able to solve issues like that with the help of google, but because I found nothing about that domain, I was having some problems. Now I have found another domain - see question update - so I was able to get some information. – Daniel Hilgarth May 3 at 10:51
  • So your question is how to remove it? That is not clear at all in your question. You do not "remove" it. You rebuild the server. – schroeder May 3 at 10:52
  • Sorry for my sloppy terminology. From what I understand from the information regarding the other domain, the issue is with security issues with some plugins. Also, this question hopefully serves as a stop for other google searchers. – Daniel Hilgarth May 3 at 11:09
  • Please re-open, I am currently drafting an answer with extended information to what the exploit was – Daniel Hilgarth May 3 at 11:10

Yes, this is obviously a hack.

  • Unknown code inserted
  • obfuscated code
  • the domain was registered on April 26
  • chat filters blocking the domain

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