I have been having some difficulty understanding the mechanism by which certificates are validated by either party in a mutual TLS handshake.

I have SDS enabled on my ingress gateway(s) and the certificates are read by the Ingress SDS container (secretFetcher) from a Secret of type kubernetes.io/generic with cacert, cert and tls keys/value pairs present.

My question however is, how exactly does envoy trust a certificate down to the RootCA based on the cacert (or maybe I am completely off and I am mixing concepts up ) ? A RootCA is usually a trusted entity and I understand how browsers and mobile devices can establish a chain of trust using a Trusted CA/ICA store. However with Envoy, how does it know to trust a RootCA like verisign/docusign/letsencrypt ? Are these preloaded into the container at build time (or maybe as a part of the base image) ?

So if we have the following scenario, enter image description here

How would Ingress Gateway validate a certificate presented by Service A (which was signed by ICA_A and RootCA_A) provided that the ICA -> RootCA used by the Ingress Gateway itself are ICA_B and RootCA_B ?

PS: This might be a very basic question for someone with a better understanding of certificate validation than me. I am only trying to get a better understanding of the concepts. I would really appreciate if some one could, maybe, explain the mechanics of how this works for Envoy specifically. But if not a general idea would be great too.

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