This excellent SSO answer recommends to use certificate rules on Windows’ executables, as explained here by Microsoft. The latter says that the “location” of this setting is:

Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options

I would like to do so, but I do not manage to find that corresponding control panel on my Windows’ PC (running in German). There is a German version of that article, but the line in question reads basically the same:

Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Einstellungen\Lokale Policies\Security Optionen

Since it does not start with HKEY_whatever, I think it is not a registry entry. But what else?

Computer Configuration − could mean this window?


But there is nothing like “Windows Settings” in that dialog.

Windows Settings − looks like the caption of the new control panel. But I do not open that from any “computer configuration”, but directly from the start menu.


Security Settings − could be this panel?


Local Policies − nothing like that…

Here is where I am lost. Can you please point me to the setting, maybe with some screenshots so that I can guess on my translated interface where to find that setting?

  • Which windows edition? Try Win+R gpedit.msc
    – vidarlo
    May 10, 2019 at 9:49

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The articles on Windows IT Pro Center are in a hierarchical order, and it is expected that it would be unnecessary to repeat the information provided on previous levels. Your answer is three levels up:

If you are applying this to a single computer, your options are:

  • Local Security Policy (Win+R secpol.msc):

    Local Security Policy

  • Local Group Policy Editor (Win+R gpedit.msc as suggested in the comments):

    Local Group Policy Editor

On a Windows AD domain you'd use the Group Policy Management or Security Configuration Wizard.

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