In a DEFCON 19 video Sam Bowne says that windows 7 machines CPU goes to 100% if you send a bunch of IPv6 Router Advertisement requests on a network. What would happen to a Windows 10 machine? Would it be the same, worse or would just nothing happen?


The video is from DEFCON 19 i.e. from August 2011.

This is easy to test by starting such an attack from Kali Linux that comes with THC-IPV6 fake_router26, e.g.

for i in {100..999}
    atk6-fake_router26 -A 1:c0f:fee:$i::/64 -n 1 eth0

By monitoring the Windows 10 target machine during the attack we can clearly see the difference:

CPU utilization on Windows 10 target machine

The increase in CPU utilization is noticeable but not dramatic. However, more noteworthy is that it stops after a while despite the attack is still ongoing. That's because Windows 10 stops adding new IPv6 addresses after reaching 100 addresses (while we were trying to add 900 addresses):


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