I received an E-mail notification a couple of days ago welcoming me for signing onto Stockholm Arlanda Airport's wifi network. My wife and I have never been to Stockholm. I asked my neice's husband who is involved with IT about it and he didn't seem too concerned. Felt someone might have mistakenly entered my E-mail address when signing on. Figured I should double check in case. Anything to be concerned over? Any recommended security precautions? Thanks in advance!

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    "someone might have mistakenly entered my E-mail address when signing on" or the guy just put any email he knew to access the airport internet. – Vipul Nair May 18 '19 at 22:54

I agree with the comment; this doesn't sound like an issue to me. If the email legitimately came from Stockholm Arlanda Airport (you can check the email address*) and if the email doesn't ask for any personal information, I wouldn't worry.

I don't like putting my personal email address in captive portals; I don't want be on their email list for something I likely don't care about. I suspect that's what happened here - someone simply typed in your email instead of their own.

*Note, most modern email providers do filter spoofed emails, and the probability that's the case is low.

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