I previously had used Eraser tool for clearing all my usage data of laptop before formally disposing it at a generic recycle centre.

I used the tool for possibly wiping off my laptop 3 times in a row for which I would wish to make sure everything was properly deleted.

Prior to this action, I also deleted the file into Recycle Bin as well as cleared the bin.

My only problem was I couldn’t recall which drive I saved my files prior to deletion. It was either C Drive and D Drive.

Bottom line is I would hope that all my data throughout the hard drive (HDD) was completely overwrote by Eraser tool regardless of The files’ original locations in different drives.

My question is am I worrying too much and indeed the Eraser tool overwrote everything throughout the hard drive. My only doubt was if the Eraser tool does indeed achieve that end result, why it could be operated such procedure under the operation system and keeping the laptop’s factory reset default files at bay? Won’t the Eraser tool for data destruction in theory wipes out everything in hard drive which might also including the operation system files and factory reset files?

Looking forward to your answers!

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