I was testing SQLI Cheatsheets on a vulnerable test site. This particular injection '=' 'OR' seems to work on the login page.

Why does that injection work? What's the back-end SQL code, if I could imagine myself?

I used Burp Suite to see if I am able to get a clear look at what's passed in. This is the result of Burp Suite on my end:


Turns out its uid and password from the back-end SQL query code?

But how do I picture this? Is it something like this below?

SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE uid=''=' 'OR'' AND pwd='test'

Could anyone explain how this cheatsheet '=' 'OR' works? Might also as well tell me how can I picture the back-end SQL query code. Assuming I do not have access to the back-end code as I am pentesting the login page.