script-src-attr and script-src-elem directives are new additions in CSP3. I am not able to understand how are they different from the script-src directive.


This documents the new addition but I am not able to clearly differentiate between the usage, maybe due to hard language.

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Script-src-elem works on script tags:

<script src="/jquery.js">

Script-src-attr works on attributes that contain JavaScript:

<svg onload="alert(1)">

More information can be found in the Intent to Implement and Ship: CSP3: script-src-attr, script-src-elem, style-src-attr, style-src-elem directives

  • Will the reports generated by the violation of script-src directive be replaced by script-src-elem then?
    – Nitanshu
    Jun 13, 2019 at 6:03

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