Background: The company I work for is SOC2 and some other Compliant. So to comply with that regulatory compliance they asked us to install SolarWinds RMM agent in our workstations (Not production server and we already have an antivirus installed). With that agent installed, they will see which process are running, maybe administrative access and other.

1st Problem: I keep some of my personal research and other files in my workstation as I spent most of my time in office. But I don't feel good when someone pokes into my system (I know it's not a good reason but ignore it for now).

What I did:

  1. Created two separate LUKSpartition. One for /,/home,/var,/tmp and other one for /storage with a .key file I have in my USB drive.
  2. Created an encrypted virtual machine [4GB+4CPU] with a passphrase in /storage and keep all of my files in there.

2nd Problem: When I run google-chrome-stable inside virtual machine or with ssh -X, it tears a lot and I cannot even watch a video, listen audio or something. Browsing is the only problem I have been struggling with.

What have I tried: Installing chrome on a container and sandboxing with selinux in the host machine. Tearing remains the same on the container and the main reason is it doesn't solve the data issue. As if my employer wants my access, I have to give them my root password so they will have access on the host machine and hence my browser as well as my password manager.

So how can I access to media+browsing in this manner or something like this without compromising anything?

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