I have a problem when I want to encrypt decrypt data by use the same key in every services.I use ECDH Method to encrypt decrypt data between client and server. I have a exchangeKey service to gen Key send back to client and obtain pubkey from client and then compute share secret key to get common key but I have a problem when I want to use the same key in other containners in k8s to encrypt decrypt data from a same client. so what is the best practice to let others container knows what key they gotta use to do encrypt or decrypt to or from the same client in every containers after compute share secret key from exchange key service.

  • Do I need to store each user share secret key into a database? and for another services or container get user share key from a database to do encryption and decryption or Is there another way to provides a share key to another containers? – Thanat Arpornrat Jun 24 at 16:43

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