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In one of my webserver, I found some new folders got created and many files are there, In access log I found many files access from that folder.

Sample file:

enter image description here

After this strings: enter image description here

But it I copy paste this string to a notepad nothing is visible.

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    I cannot see any question. Also, please do not upload screenshots of text; just copy and paste the text. – Tobi Nary Jul 4 at 6:40
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    This look like an obfuscated wordpress payload. Solution "nuke it from orbit" makes the most sense to me. – LvB Jul 4 at 8:47

Nuke it from orbit!

An attacker compromised your server. It's no longer your server. re-Install the OS, fix the vulnerability in your application and then re-deploy

  • It's the only way to be sure. – Ian Jul 4 at 9:14

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