i'm searching privilage escalation. there is some way if you looking at. i trying exploit in my lab machine like vulnhub. there is a diagram for understanding differents.

anyway I told you a little. my opinion is this. for example I successfully run exploit linux/local/udev/net_link vulnerability. Yes good. Now I can read etc/shadow and etc/passwd documents. But I already have root rights. because I can read everything with meterpreter.

my question is: what right can kernel based exploit give me. What are these rights? I'm obviously a little confused.

I'm sorry if I made a mistake because it was my first post. Thank you.

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    To answer with a metaphor: Root is Gandalf the White. The kernel is Tolkien. – Fund Monica's Lawsuit Jul 11 '19 at 17:04

I think you're confused about privilege escalation. First of all privilege escalation is meant to bypass restrictions for a low privileged user in order to execute tasks as a high (root) privileged user.

Executing a privilege escalation exploit as root is kind of useless (just to state the obvious)

What right can kernel based exploit give me

root privileges

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