I purchased my first mechanical keyboard (Razer Black Widow Elite) and then quickly noticed that all the configuration of the keyboard MUST be done using the manufacturer cloud web app. There was not a standalone software for the configuration of the keyboard.

I might be old school, but i don't expect my keyboard to be too smart. My main reason for the purchase was the mechanical feel of the keyboard but not how smart the keyboard is. My biggest challenge is the fact that the top manufacturers do not give us any alternatives to allow us to make changes to the configuration of the keyboard.

I could use the keyboard without the cloud with basic windows driver and no configurations, but how could i trust that there aren't any key-logger and hidden software installed on a keyboard like this due to the fact that they are becoming too smart and hence may be more prone to be hacked. All I want is a secure mechanical keyboard with no connection to the manufacturer. Is that even possible these days?

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    You are not asking about mechanical keyboards, you are asking about this specific keyboard, which happens to be mechanical. – MechMK1 Jul 18 at 8:11
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    The Razer privacy policy might be relevant. After reading it I decided that I do not want their software on my computer. – Philipp Jul 18 at 8:40
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    Even if configuration was entirely local, that doesn't mean a manufacture-supplied driver can't be key-logging. – TripeHound Jul 18 at 9:39
  • The main reason does not appear to be the feel, but that fact that it is configurable. If you do not like the way it is configured, don't use that feature. – schroeder Jul 18 at 11:33
  • Are their keyboards that don't come with software? Sure. Many. But that's not a security question. How can you be sure that the firmware isn't keylogging? You can't. – schroeder Jul 18 at 11:35

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