I'm buying a brand new phone, added to it: a new line and SIM card, along with a brand new laptop, to use my phone's network as a hotspot. I will not be using these devices for anything but personal banking (I'll be visiting my broker's website and tradingview.com - absolutely no other website). I'll be using free text apps like "TextNow" to make calls and texts and will NEVER reveal my real number to anyone. As for physically securing the devices, I'm considering buying an RFID signal blocking faraday bag to keep these devices in, and storing the bag within an aluminum storage case, painted with nickel or copper-based paint. This case will be locked.

If no one has physical access to these devices but me, run a full disk-encryption on the laptop, keep both devices consistently updated, don't store passwords in either device, avoid phishing or social engineering attempts, and constantly switch locations from where I'm accessing my hotspot, how difficult would it be for penetrating my traffic? What are some of the measures I missed to avoid wireless attacks (i.e.traffic monitoring software, browsing habits)?

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